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Juggling with light copy.png

Painting with light, John Lucas

Fall Leaves - Battery Park, New York

Fall Leaves, Battery Park New York. Denise O'Sullivan


Love. Denise O'Sullivan

The Cascade, Eyeries, Beara, County Cork

The Cascade Eyeries, Beara. Denise O'Sullivan

Autumn Sunset from Travara Pier, Urhan

Autumn Sunset from Travara Pier. Denise O'Sullivan


Eyes. Jouke de Ruiter


Mistique, Lya de Ruiter

Processed arty portait

Processed arty porttrait. Jouke de Ruiter

finepix small camera 016

Sky. Lisa Downey

finepix small camera 035

After rain comes……. Lisa Downey

samsung phone feb 2013 camera club 592

Denish Island. Lisa Downey


Karolina Spencer


Karolina Spencer


Karolina Spencer

Biennerville windmill trallee

Biennerville windmill Trallee, Darren Foran

Crisp morning ballyseede woods

Crisp Morning Ballyseed woods. Darren Foran

Killarney Jarvey Horse

Killarney Jarvey Horse. Darren Foran

Watterville Beach

Watterville Beach. Darren Foran


Ardnakinna. Nick Padwick


Come here! Nick Padwick


Sun & Sea. Nick Padwick

2009 Aug Allihies nestling in seaspray

2009 Aug Allihies nestling in the evening seaspray / sunshine. Beirut Bill

2012 June Guilin Rice Terraces, SW China

2012 June Guilin Rice Terraces, SE China. Beirut Bill

2012 Nov sunshine near Lauragh, Beara

2012 Nov Bright sunshine near Lauragh, Beara. Beirut Bill

Baby fist (seanm)

Baby fist, Sean Moriarty

Boats silhouette (seanm)

Boats Silhouette, Sean Moriarty

Web of dew (seanm)

Web of dew, Sean Moriarty

Apes ger

Ger O' Donoghue

ape ger

Ger O' Donoghue

Mizen Head 035

Ger O' Donoghue

Copper Mines

Ger O' Donoghue

dogs imelda

Imelda O' Donoghue

Imelda Photo

Imelda O' Donoghue


Juxtaposition, Jerry Power


Earning a living, Jerry Power